Movable Type Urgent Support

The movable type suppport service is offered by Mihai Bocsaru, movable type consultant since 2002 and a respected voice for movable type support since 2006 when he started to offer ongoing movable type support.

If you are in need for solving an urgent movable type support matter, get in touch or order one of the packages available in this website and Mihai would be pleased to assist you ASAP.


  • One hour of support

    50 USD

  • Ten hours of support

    500 USD

  • Ten tickets or 5 hours
    (whatever comes first)

    250 USD

  • Twenty tickets or 10 hours
    (whatever comes first)

    500 USD

Happy blogging,
Mihai Bocsaru


Instant Messaging

  • Skype pro_it_service
  • Yahoo Messenger pro_it_service
  • AIM proitservice3
  • MSN [email protected]
  • ICQ 249944193


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