Movable Type Support Service

Are you running a movable type installation and would like to contract a professional support service?

You've reached the right place! My name is Mihai Bocsaru and I'm a daily movable type consultant since 2002. Yes, you've read it properly. For over 21 years I'm offering movable type consulting each and every day, including holidays.

Who is this movable type support service for?

This service is for the following movable type installations:

  • movable type open source;
  • movable type professional;
  • movable type advanced (enterprise).

What recommends me for this troublshooting service?

Way back in 2006 I've started to offer supports on the movable type forums and over time I've been the most active contributor there, though I'm doing that only on my little spare time.

Imagine that I've offered movable type support absolutely free on the movable type forums for more than 7 years. I've stopped doing it in February 2013. Why wouldn't I do an excellent service when being paid?

Why wouldn't I offer a priority movable type support service?

Hire my professional support service whenever you are in need to solve a problem. I know how important it is to get an issue fixed right away. You will hear back from me within minutes or in the worst scenarios hours, but you will surely get your problem fixed ASAP.

Could this service be considered an urgent support service?

As a professional I know how important is to solve your issues rapidly, if possible right away. My business operates based on three major guidelines: professional services, cost effective services and quick action. These business characteristics could be confirmed by all my customers.

How does it work?

You may like to purchase a number of tickets, or just to pay as you go with a minimum of 1 hour of support. My hourly rate for support is 50 USD. If you decide to purchase tickets, we could do 10 tickets or 5 hours, whichever comes first, for 250 USD.

Then we could work together either via email, via a video conferencing tool like Skype or Webex, or via the phone, case in which I would be glad to call you on your landline phone.

Order now

The movable type support service starts from:

$50.00 / hour

Purchase the package that suits better your needs.

  • One hour of support

    50 USD

  • Ten hours of support

    500 USD

  • Ten tickets or 5 hours
    (whatever comes first)

    250 USD

  • Twenty tickets or 10 hours
    (whatever comes first)

    500 USD

Would you like to contract an annual support package? Get in touch for a quote!


Instant Messaging

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  • Yahoo Messenger pro_it_service
  • AIM proitservice3
  • MSN [email protected]
  • ICQ 249944193


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